Our free content delivery network makes your website load quickly, wherever your users are. It includes a suite of speed-boosting features that will accelerate your website. Every Acorn Web Hosting web hosting user gets access to it for no further cost.

All these features included for a predictable monthly price

MyAcorn Web Hosting Control Panel

It’s like cPanel, but better. No bloat, no extra subscription or licence fees, and custom-built for managed virtual private servers. Host unlimited websites, install apps, create databases and set up email. Through any device, anywhere.

The free MyAcorn Web Hosting control panel is acclaimed for its ease of use: especially bulk management of web hosting. Don’t settle for software that’s dated and overly complex. Use a fresh modern interface that’s refined for user experience.

Software Maintenance and Security

You need dedicated resources but don’t have the time or technical skills for a self-managed VPS. Our specialists will patch, update and monitor your virtual private server for you, freeing-up your time. Our team has your back, and our experts will respond quickly, whatever the problem.

High Performance Servers

The same enterprise hardware and redundant network used by the Acorn Web Hosting platform. The difference is that it’s your own private server with processing, RAM and SSD storage dedicated to you and no one else.

All these features included for a predictable monthly price

Faster websites with free CDN

Our free content delivery network makes your website load quickly, wherever your users are.

Automatic Timeline Backups

Relax, secure in the knowledge that your websites and databases are safely backed-up. They can be restored back to any time in the last 30 days.

Easy automated migration

Migrate automatically from cPanel, Plesk, Fasthosts, Heart Internet or WordPress. With anyone else? Our expert support team is here to help if you need us

99.99% uptime guarantee

With DDoS protection, multiple carriers, powerful Dell hardware and Samsung SSDs we’re confident in our resilience. Should you experience downtime we’ll credit your account.

Unlimited bandwidth

Data limits don’t go as far as you think and can get expensive quickly. At Acorn Web Hosting you don’t have to worry. We offer truly unlimited bandwidth on a dedicated port.

Unlimited email

All Managed Virtual Private Servers include unlimited email accounts, powered by the Acorn Web Hosting Cloud platform. Email is hosted separately – away from your VPS – on an isolated, highly-available platform. So, there’s no risk of your server being exhausted with email services.

Advanced functions and software

While our shared hosting is suitable for most, our Managed VPS are perfect for advanced users. They include NodeJS, space for very large MySQL databases and options for permanent server processes.


SSH access is readily available with Git, WP CLI and Drush included by default.

Google DNS

Google’s global fibre network ensures the fastest response times and allows us to handle billions of queries without delay.

Optimised PHP-FPM

Get your site working at lightspeed with server performance boosts created by the Acorn Web Hosting team. They’re not available anywhere else.

No contracts, no commitment

We’re confident in our product, so we don’t tie you in. No need to commit for the long term. Use our enterprise-ready platform for as little as one month.

Easy setup, easy scaling

Buy a Managed VPS and it will be ready in less than a minute. If you ever need more resources, it’s just a matter of a few clicks in your MyAcorn Web Hosting dashboard.

Transparent pricing for your Managed VPS

Ever wonder why other VPS hosting companies ask for you to request a quote, instead of giving prices up front?

It’s so they can charge you the maximum they can get away with, without being outside your budget. For the same reason, they have a wealth of ‘add-on’ options that you’ll pay over-the-odds for.

The salesperson will make a complex argument about tailoring the server to meet your business needs – but that’s all smoke and mirrors. In reality, you’ll end up on an identical server as the vast majority of their customers.

But you’ll be paying a lot more for it than at Acorn Web Hosting.

We’re disrupting the virtual private server industry by being up-front and honest with our pricing. Everything is included in one great value price. Like our shared hosting customers, you could find yourself saving hundreds every month.

Don’t pay a salesperson’s commission – pay for a great product and service.

Not sure which VPS you need? Talk to our team.

VPS support from the best in the business

A big difference between our Managed and Self-Managed Virtual Private Servers is the support we offer. For a Self-Managed VPS, you’re on your own: we only provide the infrastructure.

With a Managed VPS you get the reassurance of being backed-up by the Acorn Web Hosting Support Team, who’ll be there for you by live chat or ticket. They:

MyAcorn Web Hosting: crafted to make managing your hosting a pleasure

Other virtual private servers are controlled through old-school control panels – like cPanel – which you have to pay a subscription for.

These outdated control panels are not fit for running a modern, high-performance virtual private server. We built the MyAcorn Web Hosting Managed VPS control panel to give you everything at your fingertips – without the bloat you get with other VPS control panels.

With MyAcorn Web Hosting, you can control all your web hosting, email, databases and software
in one place, wherever you are.

All included in MyAcorn Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Security Features

Hosting Software


Datacentre & Cloud Platform

Deploy your managed VPS in 50 seconds

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Security is baked-in to our Managed VPS

1 Tbps+ Anti-DDoS

Powerful anti-DDoS protection that can be relied upon. Your sites will be protected against any type of DDoS attack (Volumetric and Layer 7).

PCI compliant, ISO-certified UK data centres

Your data will always stay in the UK in one of our ISO 27001-certified data centres. Our security is manned 24x7 with CCTV, perimeter fencing and controlled access.

Daily malware scanning

While you can run a malware scan at any time, we will also scan your sites for malware every day and let you know if there’s an issue.

Managed updates

Operating system security updates and patches are applied as soon as they’re available by Acorn Web Hosting Sys Admins.

Brute-force login protection

StackProtect uses a combination of rules and AI to prevent a website’s CMS admin password being guessed.

Web application firewall

Our WAF helps protect your site from malware and security breaches by inspecting traffic for SQL injection, trojans, cross-site scripting, path traversal and many other types of attack.

Free SSLs

Protect your customers and improve search ranking with as many Let’s Encrypt certificates that you need.

Two-factor authentication

Your login and SSH are covered by 2FA, helping to protect you from phishing, social engineering and password brute-force attacks.

A Managed VPS designed for developers

Our shared hosting is great for most sites. But it doesn’t give you easy access to the advanced tools some web developers need.

Our Managed Virtual Private Servers are different in that you’re given the opportunity to run daemon-based apps like NodeJS, .NET Core and software that runs on Python WSGI, like Django. Dev tools like Git, WP CLI and Drush are all available via SSH. You can set up permanent processes too.

They also give you the opportunity to deploy very large databases, so if you have plans to compete with Amazon, we have you covered…

Code freely like you’re on a self-managed server, while avoiding the time-consuming routine maintenance – we do it all for you! You can monitor server performance through detailed charts in MyAcorn Web Hosting and we’ll keep an eye on performance, too.

Every Managed VPS is highly scalable and can be upgraded in moments from the control panel, should you need extra space or resources

Managed VPS tech specs

IPv6 and HTTP/2

We support IPv6, which is the new standard for IP addresses. Our servers use HTTP/2 – a major revision of the HTTP network protocol – as standard. HTTP/2 means that browsers can request and receive more data than before.

Dual 12-Core Processors

All VPS will have access to processors dedicated to them: 2.2GHz Intel Xeon (Cascade Lake) 12-core processors with hyper-threading.

100% Samsung SSDs

Other companies will use a combination of SSD and HDD, which can slow things down. We use only enterprise-grade Samsung SM 883 SSDs.


All VPSs are backed by uninterruptible power supplies and a network SLA of 99.99%, giving you reliability and performance you can trust.

Cloud MySQL database

No need to manage a database – we’ll do it for you in a dedicated Cloud MySQL database.

UK Data Centres

Data sovereignty can be important: keep your data secure in the UK, at our ISO-certified, PCI-compliant data centres.

Deploy your self-managed VPS in a minute


Your favourite hosting app is one click away

You and your customers can choose from 80+ popular free apps including WordPress,
Joomla!, Drupal, Magento and OpenCart. Install them in seconds!













Sugar CRM





All Other Apps

Want to sell Managed VPS as a business? Become a reseller

Our Managed VPS are perfect for those wanting to sell web hosting.

Resellers of our shared hosting get a 25% wholesale discount on every Managed VPS

Exclusive single-site 1 Core VPS – only available to Resellers

All web hosting can be sold under your brand or under a white-label

Offer your customers their own hosting control panel – StackCP – that can be customised to your brand or each individual customer, should you wish

Sell individual hosting packages on a VPS, or sell full virtual private servers to single customers

Controlled through MyAcorn Web Hosting which makes bulk management of sites and customers easy

Use our free HostShop to automate your billing, provisioning, communication and reporting

Web hosting: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find answers to some frequently asked questions about VPS:

With any Acorn Web Hosting Managed VPS you get full access to the UK-based Acorn Web Hosting Technical Support Team. Universally-praised for their speed and clarity of responses, you’ll always get expert support. They’ll make sure you’re set up with the best solution possible.

Yes. With any Managed Virtual Private Server you’ll be able to host as many sites as capacity will allow. You can partition your VPS to allocate disk space to each site you want to host. You’re in control: you can set custom package types for each partition all from within the MyAcorn Web Hosting control panel. Should you need to expand, upgrading is just a one-click process with no interruptions.

Yes. With a Acorn Web Hosting Managed VPS you can take full advantage of our high-end clustered mail platform, stored and processed separately from your virtual machine. You’ll be able to create mailboxes, auto-responders, forwarders and more, all from the MyAcorn Web Hosting control panel.

All Managed Virtual Private Servers come with the bespoke MyAcorn Web Hosting control panel which runs on CentOS 7. No other operating systems can be installed. If you need a different OS you can use a Self-Managed VPS.

Our cloud web hosting is rock solid and suitable for most needs. But if you’re looking for a hosting solution that dedicates resources to your sites and lets you lean on our expert Technical Support team, then a Managed Virtual Private Server would be for you. If you’re a developer, a Managed VPS will give you more freedom to install extra apps.

Yes. We offer unlimited Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates for any sites or web applications you host on a Managed VPS. They can be added in a click from the control panel and renew automatically every 3 months.


Choose a Acorn Web Hosting Managed VPS